PP91-C The Pick & Place machine model PP91-C is dedicated to the cartooning of single small portions, with sizes and volumes up to 50ml/g, feed by an Alimenta FFS machine.

In relation to the type of product to be managed, cups’ pattern coming from the FFS machine and cartooning layout, the cups’ conveyor, boxes conveyor and picking heads are customized according the project specification.
The PP91-C model is made with an axis cartesian application for product picking and placing into the carton boxes.

This unit has been designed to manage High FFS cups’ output by having two boxes feeding conveyors and two picking heads.
The filled boxes are aligned on a single output conveyor for upper flaps closure on an additional downstream equipment or manually performed.
All operation phases, but boxes loading, are fully automatic
The machine is made with a stainless-steel structure on which safety protections are mounted with anodized aluminum profiles and polycarbonate panels.
The conveyors for both cups’ handle and boxes transferring are basically made in stainless steel and specifically designed for easy cleaning.
Machine components which, for constructive or functional reasons, are made of materials other than stainless steel, are made with treatments that prevent unwanted oxidation phenomena.
Plastic materials or rubbers are of the type suitable for application in the field of food packaging.
The PP91-C doesn’t foresee carton interlayer application.
All machine automatic work cycles are managed from the operator panel with an operator menu and diagnostics suitable to simplify the set-up operations of the machine and all the production phases.


Cartoning machine

Kind of boxes able to be processed



  • Empty boxes need to be previously formed with the lower flaps sealed with adhesive tape and then filled on the boxes’ conveyor
  • Carton box erector machine and upper flaps sealer can be supplied as separate items upon specific request

Example of packaging project

Synoptic of the main machine stations

Station 1

Carton boxes conveyor

Station 2

Boxes flaps’ opening unit

Station 3

Filled boxes’ exit conveyor

Station 4

Axis cartesian unit

Station 5

Cups’ picking head

Station 6

Operator touch panel

Main technical characteristics


Rated capacity Up to: 21 Cycle/min*
Installed Power (400v): 10 kw
Rated air pressure: 6 bar**
Typical box dim. Up to: Base 250 x 220 height 250***

* Cycles per minutes depend on the actual cups’ pattern and cartooning layout
** Air consumption depends on the actual cups’ pattern and cartooning layout
*** Ask to our technical dept. for boxes that go out from the basic value


HMI: Touch
Electric Boards & Panels: Inox
Wiring Protection Degree: IP65
Safety guards with locking devices: Yes
PLC Safety version: Yes
Drivers & Brushless devices: Main Intern. Brands
Internet router: Yes
Components for vacuum management: Yes

Other products for cartoning

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