IML Designed to allow label loading operations and maintenance activities by operating on the rear side of the thermoforming machine.


The system provides for the formation and cutting of labels to be inserted into a mould of a thermoforming machine to obtain containers with labels wrapped around the cap body with IML technology.

The IML system, developed by Alimenta Industries, has been designed to allow label loading operations and maintenance activities by operating on the rear side of the thermoforming machine, through a manual handling solution for the entire system that allows free space and access, greatly simplifying the system set-up operations by the personnel in charge.


System provides for the formation and cutting of labels

Synoptic of the main machine stations


Driven shaft for the reel support


Group for the film tension and reel joint


Motorized blades for film cutting


Label tensioning & twist system


Label feeding systems and pneumatic ejector


Label preparation and cutting head

Main technical characteristics

Label unwinding sect.

The material reel is held by a pneumatic expansion shaft (1) that can be removed from its working site for replacement operations of the exhausted reel.

the sheet of labels, to be cut in the longitudinal direction of unwinding of the reel, is kept in tension by an oscillating roller (2) which controls the rotation of the shaft (3) in order to achieve an effective unwinding of the material reel.

Downstream of the oscillating roller, a work surface (4) has been placed that allows the sheet to be held in place during material replacement and cutting operations. Said plane is made with holes to keep in position the label sheet with a vacuum pump (Venturi system) integrated in the work surface support.

The photocell (5), for checking the foil printing and labels’ cutting, is positioned in correspondence with the work surface.

Cutting blades

Subsequently the sheet is inserted inside the longitudinal cutting blades (6).

The cutting system is composed of rollers (7-8) whose rotation is electronically controlled by a brushless motor. In addition to the cutting, the aforementioned rollers also provide for the advancement of the materials with the cutting pitch required to make the labels of suitable length for application on the cups.

During the operations of inserting the material, the roller with the blades is raised to the position of free passage of the sheet of labels through the rotation of the lever (9) connected to it.

Label tensioning & handling

The material, already cut lengthwise, is brought into the angular return position (11), by means of return rollers (10), in order to insert the individually cut labels into the label formation and preparation system for the forming mold feeding.

the system is also equipped with rollers (12) for length recovery and centering of label printing.

The label formation and feeding system is made in accordance with the number of containers provided by the thermoforming die and their center-to-center distance.

The entrainment of the labels within the system is electronically controlled by a brushless motor (13) coupled in an electric shaft with the advancement of the cutting rollers.

In this way the label strips are always at the optimum tension for the functionality of the system.

The main structure of the label formation head is supported by a system of precision guides (14) in order to allow the extraction of the system together with the main frame of the machine during the operations of insertion of the materials and its maintenance.

The guides are constrained to the thermoforming structure in such a way as to obtain the best positioning accuracy of the label forming head with respect to the position of the thermoforming mold.

The cutting and insertion system (15) of the labels inside the mould (15) is controlled by pneumatic cylinders

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