FM 80 The thermoforming machine model FM80 is dedicated to the production of single portions with sizes from 10g up to 50g for various types of food


The thermoforming machine model FM80 is dedicated to the production of single portions with sizes from 10g up to 50g for various types of food products such as, for example, butter, margarine, jam, honey, dip sauces, mayonnaise and more.
In relation to the type of product to be filled, the model is produced in standard, High Clean and Ultra Clean versions.

The FM80 model is usually made with hydraulic movement (HYD type) of the main Forming, Sealing and Cutting stations. Solutions with electronic movement of the above stations are possible on request.
The machine is made with a stainless-steel structure on which safety protections are mounted with anodized aluminum profiles and polycarbonate panels.
The filling station is made according to the product to be packaged and the cups’ format. filler is manufactured with high quality production standards and materials in contact with the product.

The Alimenta filling systems are designed to be washed automatically and without disassembly of parts (predisposition of washing in the CIP system)
All automatic work cycles, of the FM80, are managed from the operator panel with an operator menu and diagnostics suitable to simplify the set-up operations of the machine and all the production phases.


Packaging machine

Synoptic of the main machine stations

Station 1

Housing and unwinding of the plastic reel

Station 2

Heating station of the plastic film to be thermoformed

Station 3

Cup forming station

Station 4

Filling station

Station 5

Lid film sealing station

Station 6

Cup cutting station for single of blister cups

Station 7

Housing and unwinding of the lid reel

Station 8

Cutting scrap system

Station 9

Cups’ exit conveyor

Main technical characteristics


Rated capacity up to: 20.160cups/h
Max film width: 370mm
Max M/C pitch: 140mm
Cups size range: 10-50g


Frame: Stainless – Steel
Forming Plus Assist: Pneum.
Filler pumps movement: Servo
Raw Material Advancement: Servo
Plastic Cups pitch control: Automatic
Lid Printing manage: Yes
Cutting Station self positioning system: Servo
Trimmer Plugs & Matrix (single cutting): Yes
Trimmer sequential cutting (Blades & Matrix): Yes
HMI: Touch
Electric Boards & Panels: Inox
Wiring Protection Degree: IP65
Safety guards with locking devices: Yes
PLC Safety version: Yes
Drivers & Brushless devices: Main Intern. Brands
Internet router: Yes
Op. Recipe Upload-download: Yes
Washing cycles management: Yes

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