BF 100/100 plus This product feeding unit is an equipment suitable for feeding butter or margarine to the Form-Fill-Seal machine when the product is available in blocks or bars, of high consistency, and not directly from a production plant dedicated to it.

The product in blocks need to be crashed and creamed at ambient temperature in order to become soft for being feed to the filler unit of the filling machine.
The unit is composed of a section where the block, inserted from an operator or coming from a feeding conveyer, will be crushed or sliced, then the sliced product will drop to the main hopper where a screw system provide to re-work it until the product become soft and pumpable.
After the reworking section a lobe pump provide to feed continuously the filling system with the control of a compensating valve who provide to limit the pulses of product flow due to the normal intermittent work of the filler.
The system is specially designed for dairy environment and built according to the latest technologies, achieving a perfect balance between safety, compliance with the ecological criteria, hygiene, maximum cost-efficiency and great versatility, as they can be fitted to every model of ALIMENTA INDUSTRIES machines.
All of the components that get in touch with the product are made of stainless steel, or in any case are suitable to get in contact with alimentary products.
Finishes are of sanitary type, welding, obtained through TIG system, by overlapping edges in modified atmosphere (without material addition), are flattened and polished.
The above system can be optionally equipped with a dedicated C.I.P. module who provides for the cleaning in place of the product feeding unit itself and the FFS machine at the same time.

BF100/100 plus

Butter feeder

Synoptic of the main machine stations

Station 1


Station 2


Station 3

Lobe pump

Station 4

C.I.P. Tank

Station 5

Main switch board

Main technical characteristics


Rated capacity up to: 120 to 700 kg/h*
Installed power (400v): 10kw
Rated air pressure: 6bar**

* the system flow rate is a function of the number of containers, for each dosing cycle, and of the cycle of the filler linked to the system
** The consumption of compressed air is a function of the cycle of the filler linked to the group and the actual system flow rate


HMI: Touch
Electric Boards & Panels: Inox
Wiring Protection Degree: IP65
Safety guards with locking devices: Yes
Drivers for electric motors: Main Intern. Brands

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