NewPack is a division of the ALIMENTA Group, headquartered in the province Treviso, and with its operational base in Parma, in the heart of the technological food production of Italy.

The industrial experience of the company in the area of equipment for Form-Fill-Seal packaging started in Bologna in 1985 and has since followed the evolution of a market increasingly calling for more sophisticated and demanding technical solutions, particularly in terms productive yields, reliability, and operational costs.

Today, NewPack’s know-how, together with the quality of its products and its extensive and efficient service network, makes it a market leader and a reference point for those businesses that look for high tech yet competitive solutions.


  • Friendly technology
  • Focused on customer needs
  • Our expertise
  • ECO-FRIENDLY philosophy
  • A timeless choice
  • Perfect cost / benefit balance


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Countries of Newpack presence

Newpack manufactures machines by adopting design and construction criteria that lead to a simple management of the machines or lines without renouncing to create high-tech machinery. The realization of the automation is done with high-profile solutions and components whatever the level of performance required by a specific project. The functionalities of the machines, in the various operational phases, are always under the complete supervision of the line operators with operator HMI programs specially designed to manage situations and information in the shortest possible time without requiring a particular level of personnel skills.


Decades of experience gained in the food packaging sector allows Newpack to propose solutions tailored to the specific needs of each individual project and need. The high operational flexibility of our machines and filling systems allow you to use different packaging materials and fill food products with very different characteristics through multi-product filling systems or the combination of multiple cascade filling systems that can be selected on the basis of production need. The range of our machines covers a wide spectrum of production rates, ranging from very high production units to “entry-level” ones for customers who want to develop new market opportunities.


A history over thirty years of presence in the packaging market has allowed Newpack to accumulate a wealth of technological solutions and packaging experiences that lead it to be a competent and reliable interlocutor. Starting from individual thermoforming machines, for the production of mini-portions of products for hotels, restaurants and communities or single-use portions in the dairy and beverage sectors, up to the creation of complex lines, even aseptic, ones Newpack is a partner able to play an important consulting role, assisting in the solution of the project problems of its customers


In line with the need to reduce the use of packaging materials and to adopt solutions that allow the use of easily recyclable materials, the Newpack machines are developed with the primary objective of a drastic reduction in the amount of materials used and scraps. of production. All this, together with a high degree of flexibility, in the use of different packaging materials, allows the use of the least amount of plastic material necessary for the packaging of the product.


The durability and reliability of the machines over the years, their construction with a strong propensity for innovative solutions, the ability to use the latest generation of packaging materials, the ability to fill different products. These are the main characteristics of the Newpack machines by means of which it is possible to successfully face the production challenges typical of an ever-evolving technology.


Newpack solutions are always aimed at the realization of high efficiency machinery and low maintenance costs. All this, combined with the low level of consumption of packaging materials, leads to an absolutely advantageous “Return On Investment” that justifies the investment on a Newpack line, whatever the purpose of supply and the project target.